The ISEAM Board comprises nine globally recognised specialists researchers/practitioners with expertise in one or more of the fields related to Engineering Asset Management. They are:

  • Adjunct Professor Joseph Mathew, Asset Institute, Australia
  • Associate Professor Turuna Saraswati Seecharan, University of Minnesota Duluth, USA
  • Dr Jeremy Novak, Southern Cross University, Australia
  • Ir Dr Ype Wijnia,  Asset Resolutions, The Netherlands
  • Mr Brian Lawrence, Aboitiz Power, Philippines
  • Professor Adolfo Crespo, University of Seville, Spain
  • Professor Belle R Upadhyaya, The University of Tennessee, USA.
  • Professor Joe Amadi-Echendu, University of Pretoria, South Africa (Chair)
  • Professor Kerry Brown, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Company Secretary: Ir Dr Ype Wijnia